10X Modified Korz Medium with Glucose Kit

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D-0710-1002 D-0710-1002K - 10X Modified Korz Medium with Glucose Kit, Sterile ***** 1
D-0710-1L2 D-0710-1L - 10X Modified Korz Medium, 1000 mL ***** 1
  • Reproducible Results – Using a defined medium in which all of the ingredients are known vs. an undefined media containing yeast extract or casein hydrolysate, enables tight replication of results.
  • Lower Your Regulatory Burden - Because Korz does not contain any animal-derived components, no certificate of origin is required.
  • Reduced Risk – The elimination of undefined components significantly reduces the risk of process related impurities associated with complex biologicals.
  • Save Time - Glucose included for easy use.


To simplify the use of minimal medium, Scarab Genomics offers a three component kit consisting of 10X Modified Korz Medium with separate 50X Magnesium Sulfate and 50% Glucose solutions. The concentrated minimal medium and associated Magnesium Sulfate and Glucose solutions are diluted to create a 1X medium. The diluted 1X medium containing Magnesium Sulfate and 0.2% glucose (and appropriate antibiotics) is used for expression optimization in shake flasks. The same medium (supplemented with additional glucose to a final concentration of 0.5% and additional phosphate buffer) also serves as the “batch” phase medium in fed-batch fermentations.

Scarab’s Clean Genome® strains were specifically designed for the production of biotherapeutic protein and DNA. The “cleanest” medium to use for biotherapeutic production is a chemically defined, minimal medium. Accordingly, Modified Korz Minimal Medium has been extensively tested with the Scarab Clean Genome® Strains to verify its ability to support cell growth and the production of recombinant protein. Korz minimal medium was originally designed for high density fed-batch fermentation of E. coli (Korz et al. 1995). The medium consists of phosphate buffer, magnesium, ferric citrate, trace elements, and uses glucose as the carbon source. The same base medium used for optimizing expression in shake flasks can also be used for fed-batch fermentation, thereby providing continuity between the two processes. In fed-batch fermentations, the same medium is supplemented with higher glucose and phosphate buffer content. A separate Korz Feed Medium (Cat. No. D-0710-1L5) supplies glucose, magnesium, iron, and trace elements for the feeding stage of fed-batch fermentation.


Kit Components

10X Modified Korz Medium 100 ml (D-0710-100) 1000 ml (D-0710-1L)
50X Magnesium Sulfate 20 ml (D-0710-100M) 200 ml (D-0710-1LM)
50% Glucose 4 ml (D0710-100G) 40 ml (D-0710-1LG)

Quality Control
The media is confirmed for growth of Clean Genome® Strains using liquid culture and confirmed aseptic by no growth in liquid media and agar plates.

Storage Conditions
Store the 10X Modified Korz Medium component at +4-12°C and protected from light.

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