Electroporation Cuvettes, Sterile

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D-0308-01 D-0308-01 - Electroporation Cuvettes, Sterile, 1mm Scarab ***** 1
D-0308-02 D-0308-02 - Electroporation Cuvettes, Sterile, 2mm Scarab ***** 1
  • Maintain Sterility – Individually wrapped and gamma irradiated guarantee sterility.
  • Optimal Performance - Manufactured from highly quality durable polycarbonate and polished aluminum plates to reduce static and arcing; together optimize transformation efficiencies.
  • Easily Distinguish Size – Individually color coded cuvette caps identify gap widths of 1mm and 2mm.
  • Nearly Universal – Compatible with most Electroporation devices.


Electroporation is commonly used to introduce nucleic acids to various cell types. Scarab Genomics Disposable Electroporation Cuvettes are designed for use with bacterial, yeast, fungi, and mammalian cells. Our superior quality standards will surpass any cuvette previously used. Our competitive pricing and quick turn around time will assist you in maintaining a highly efficient lab.


Figure 1: Sterile Disposable Electroporation Cuvettes. (A) The 1 mm gap cuvette is distinguished by its white cap. (B) The 2 mm gap cuvette has a blue cap.


Kit Components
Fifty individually wrapped gamma irradiated of either 1 mm or 2 mm gap cuvettes per bag

Storage Conditions
Store at room temperature.

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