pSX2 Expression Vector

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  • ScarabXpress®-2 Protein Expression System – Consists of the pSX2 expression vector PLUS any Clean Genome® E. coli host strain.
  • 3000-Fold Induction Range - Enables a wide induction range to optimize your target’s expression level for maximum.
  • Minimal Basal Expression – Tight regulation of transcription keep background expression low, key for target genes that deliriously affect the host or for periplasmic expressed targets.
  • Ultra High Yield – Achieve up to 36x better target yields than standard expression vectors with wild-type E. coli strains.
  • Maximum Host Compatability – pSX2 is compatible with ANY Clean Genome® E. coli strain, including our advance protease deletion strains.


ScarabXpress®-2 system, our second-generation protein expression system, consists of the pSX2 expression plasmid and ANY Clean Genome® E. coli host strain. In side by side comparisons, the ScarabXpress®-2 system protein expression system gave up to 36x higher yields than standard expression vectors with wild-type E. coli strains


Figure 1. pSX2 Expression Plasmid Map.

Figure 2. 3000-Fold Induction Range. IPTG Titration of pSX2-GFP, intensity was measured, replicates were averaged and graphed in average fluorescent units.

Figure 3. ScarabXpress2 Produces ≤ 36x More Protein Than BL21(DE3).

Figure 4. More Consistent Fermentations With ScarabXpress®-2


Kit Components
pSX2 Expression Vector, 10 μg

Quality Control
The vector is confirmed to be IS-free and for functionality.

Storage Conditions
Store at ≤ -70°C. Do not store in a frost-free freezer.


Product Manuals
pSX2 Expression Vector

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