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IS-Free Plasmid Production

IS elements transpose into the plasmids, changing the sequence and function of the therapeutic agent; leading to the possibility that bacterial IS elements could make their way into the mammalian genome post-administration. Keep your plasmids IS-free with Clean Genome® E. coli.

Protein Expression

Clean Genome® E. coli strains have been optimized for recombinant protein production in high density fermentation or in shake flasks. ScarabXpress-2 protein expression system produced up to 36X more protein than standard vectors in wild-type E. coli.


Recombinant DNA technology is the cornerstone of modern day Life Science. DNA cloning involves copying, modifying and amplifying DNA-of-interest.

Retroviral, Lentiviral, shRNA Vector Production

Stem-loop DNA structures such as LTR or shRNA are difficult to replicate & render vectors unstable, even in purpose-designed E. coli hosts. Clean Genome® E. coli dramatically improves production such as unstable pDNA vectors.