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Closing Genome Assemblies via Long-read Sequencing

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Scarab presented a poster at AGBT 2017 titled De Novo Genome Assembly for the Enterobacteriaceae Tree of Life using Long Read MinION Sequencing.

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24 Enterobacterial Genomes Closed

Background: University of Wisconsin investigators had Roche 454 and Illumina sequence coverage for 21 of 24 microbial genomes in a project to contribute to the Tree Of Life for enterobacteria. Assembly of the sequences yielded many contigs for each genome (table). Investigators collaborated with Scarab Genomics to produce 2D long-read nanopore sequence with the goal of achieving fully closed assemblies of all 24 genomes.

Methods: DNA libraries were prepared using the recommended 2D protocol from Oxford Nanopore and sequenced on the MinION sequencing system. All MinION reads >1 kb for each genome were then assembled with the CANU assembler (Koren et at., doi: 0.1101/071282).

Results: As the table shows, Scarab’s long-read sequencing generated a single genomic contig for each of the 24 genomes.

The chart below summarizes the data from the assembly of microbial genome #10. Over half of the total >430 Mb of sequence generated originated from reads greater than 23 kb long. Reads >100kb were particularly helpful in joining any remaining separate contigs in the target genomes.

For full table details, please see case studies.

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