Corporate Overview

Scarab Genomics, LLC was established in 2002 to commercialize the Clean Genome® Multiple Deletion Series (MDS) E. coli resulting from Dr. Fred Blattner’s research at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Scarab Genomics has licensed the patented reduced genome technology from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation on an exclusive, worldwide basis.

Clean Genome® E. colí was bioengineered by deleting over 20% of the K-12 genome. Using synthetic biology methods, a series of precise deletions were made, including the elimination of non-essential genes, recombinogenic and mobile DNA, and cryptic virulent genes. Genome reduction optimizes these E. colí strains for production, providing enhanced genetic stability and improved metabolic efficiency. Clean Genome® E. colí are the strains of choice for a wide spectrum of applications ranging from routine cloning to large scale production of biopharmaceuticals.

Benefits of Clean Genome® E. coli Strains

  • Reduced host-mediated recombination allows cloning the “unclonable”
  • Lack of IS elements maintains clone integrity
  • Robust growth in rich and minimal media provides high yields
  • Removal of prophage prevents premature lysis
  • High density growth in fermentors
  • Verified, reduced genome
Clean Genome® Strains offer many unique advantages over traditional, commonly used E. coli hosts for laboratory cloning, plasmid DNA production, and recombinant protein expression. The exceptional benefits of Scarab’s MDS Strains are especially significant for the production of biotherapeutics. MDS Strains with additional genome deletions have been made and are currently being tested.

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